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Products and Services

The products used are generally high technology paints based on epoxy or polyurethane polymers, or other lining materials such as glassflake or glass reinforced plastics (GRP) with resins such as polyester, vinyl ester, or epoxy depending on the service requirements.

In order to apply these materials for optimum results, great care must be taken in the proper preparation of the substrate. It is this area that will determine the life of the applied coatings. To ensure that this is carried out properly, H.B.K. Oil and Gas Services Co have a complete range of blasting equipment and accessories. These range from dry blast, wet blast, spin blast, and vacumblast equipment. We utilise materials such as steel shot, steel grit, coal slag, copper slag, and garnet sand to carry out the preparation work conforming to the international Standards specified.

Also, as much of the work is maintenance work in live or shutdown plants, we have our own access capacity. This includes in excess of 750 tones of scaffold tubes, fittings and boards and our own fully qualified scaffolding squads. We also have forklifts, cranes, trailers and the other ancillary equipment associated with this.

Finally, to ensure that the work is carried out in a correct and efficient manner, H.B.K. Oil and Gas Services Co greatest asset is its staff of Project Coordinators, Site Engineers, QA/QC Engineers, Paint Inspectors, Supervisors who manage a skilled workforce of blasters, spray painters, brush painters, Scaffolders and general laborers.

This workforce has been together for up to twenty nine years. The supervisors have generally been promoted from within the workforce, and the inspectors are qualified to British Gas Inspection Standards. This makes for a cohesive and expert workforce who bring a pride in their work to every site they operate on.