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Resources and facilities

HBK Oil and Gas Services Co boasts an excellent potential capacity both in manpower and resources. With our highly skilled and experienced workforce, backed up by well maintained plant and equipment and assisted by computer network.

HBK Oil and Gas Services Co can utilise its resources to meet the most demanding operational requirement, by providing a complete, efficient and flexible service to meet our Clients' need.


HBK Oil and Gas Services Co currently employ 360 personnel all highly skilled in their particular discipline with constant on-the-job training to upgrade or learn new skills for operating or applying up-to-date equipments or products.

Our professional Management team with a wide-ranging and resounding wealth of experience in many Engineering and Services type industries enables us to understand what the customers requirements and provide a professional service at a reasonable cost. All senior management personnel are, for instance fully qualified British Gas Paint Inspectors.


We have quite a big fleet of air compressors, spray pumps, blast pots and specialised accessories, high pressure washers, Auto blast machine, recovery systems, generators, scaffolding, forklifts, trailers, cranes, buses, saloon cars, pick-up trucks which are sufficient to meet any challenge.


We have a well equipped workshop sufficiently manned with competent mechanical personnel. We carry out in-house repairs of our plants and equipments at our workshop. Our workshop is located in our yard at Salwa Road near the Central Vegetable Market. We have enough resources in our site to take care of and carry out routine maintenance of our plant/equip.